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Joining a Conservancy is your first step in supporting community-based conservation. Once you’re a member you’ll be part of a group of people who believe that conservation is a way of life. Conservancies have their own committees, hold regular meetings and most have a social programme as well as a conservation programme.

Conservancies KZN (the KZN Conservancies Association) has almost 100 Conservancy members. We have urban, rural, farming, coastal, residential estate, office park, industrial, educational institute, waste management and protected area Conservancies.

To join a Conservancy in your area, find the contact details in the Directory and send an email to the corresponding contact person, or complete the form below and we’ll get the Conservancy representative to make contact with you.

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Kearsney College Conservancy
Kearsney College
Cliff Hunter
031 765 9600 
Kloof Conservancy
Paolo Candotti
083 626 8684
Kongweni River Conservancy
Gary Holburn
039 312 5170/083 462 5525
Kranskop Conservancy
Lorraine Königkämer
082 885 0748/087 087 4992