Corporate Sponsors

Community-based conservation needs your help.

Conservancies are voluntary communities working to save our disappearing natural assets!

Support from business and industry is crucial for Conservancies KZN and our Conservancies. We’re not necessarily asking you to donate a lump sum. If you prefer, pay us a monthly amount from your sustainability budget. If 150 businesses paid us just R1000 per month we would have enough to support the work our Conservancies do. Corporate sponsorship is an undertaking to support Conservancies KZN every month for 24 months. You will be acknowledged as a sponsor and your company name and logo, or personal name, will be featured on our website and marketing. Every little helps. Thank you!

If you would like discuss more options regarding corporate sponsorships, please click HERE to contact us.

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If we destroy habitats,
we destroy species


Our wildlife
needs your help


We can’t live
without water
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Conservation creates
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