Dear Conservationist,

Conservation plays a critical role in restoring and protecting our natural environment – but it also contributes towards social and economic upliftment.

For example, cleaning a river benefits thousands of people, from all economic and social groups regardless. Conservation benefits all of us.

Please support Conservancies KZN.

Make a donation or sponsor a project. Funding is critical to us.

Where does the money go?

  • Funding Conservancy projects
  • Training and field support
  • Community outreach projects
  • Staff, administration and marketing

Thank you,

Malcolm Stainbank

Chairman of the Conservation Committee

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Why your help is so important

A healthy environment is part of our lives. Without it there is no future for us or our children.

Our work is not only “green”. We work in coastal and marine areas, on anti-waste and pollution projects, on outreach programmes and community education.

As a voluntary organisation, funding is essential to us. Your contribution will be allocated to Conservancies KZN projects.

Please donate; it will go a long way. Thank you

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Banking Details

KZNCA, KwaZulu Natal Conservancies Association
Bank: First National Bank
Account No: 6203 5191 311
Branch: Hillcrest – 223726



If we destroy habitats,
we destroy species


Our wildlife
needs your help


We can’t live
without water
Conservancies and


Conservation creates
strong communities